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About Health Marathi website :

Welcome to Health Marathi ‘About us’ page and here you will get one step closer to ‘us’. You will be getting to know about Health Marathi and me, more closely and probably after reading this, you might like to join us on various social networking sites.

HealthMarathi.com is one of the leading online provider of health information, applications and services for consumers, doctors & healthcare professionals in Maharashtra (India).

HealthMarathi.com, currently ranks top one in terms of traffic in the health category and among the top health sites in the Marathi language.

HealthMarathi’s content is viewed by over 5 lakh visitors each month. All of HealthMarathi.com’s content is edited and authenticated by doctors and healthcare professionals.

Our Mission :

Health happens daily, minute by minute, step by step, and the HealthMarathi.com is there to inspire your goals and support your progress. We provide the expert guidance and daily tools you need to make the best health choices, actively manage your health conditions and live healthier lives.

HealthMarathi.com’s mission is to empower consumers, doctors and healthcare professionals globally with authentic, accurate, timely and personalized health information and provide them tools to allow for better management of health, provide better care to patients, and lead healthier lives.

Our Story :

HealthMarathi.com has been a pioneer in many ways and was one of the earliest health websites to be launched from Maharashtra. HealthMarathi.com was founded by Dr. Satish Vitthal Upalkar, Kolhapur. HealthMarathi.com was conceived originally with the social mission of educating consumers about health and providing physicians and professionals with the tools to leverage technology and the internet to improve healthcare. In order to further this mission, HealthMarathi.com was launched as a website in 2012-13, and has grown steadily ever since its inception.

Why Health Marathi..?

We’re Authoritative, Accurate, and Trusted: Health Marathi offers you a way to connect with top physicians and other experts by offering Q&As from our health specialists, who answer your questions. Our team of editors ensures that information is accurate and current. The site is updated every day, providing the latest news, health tips, and features relevant to our community.

By providing the best and most relevant information from credible medical experts and institutions in easy-to-understand terms, we’ll guide you through your health care questions. We’ll help you make treatment decisions, understand drug side effects, and give you the tools to track your progress.

Health Marathi’s look is sophisticated, with easy-to-use navigation and clean design that breaks through the clutter. Health care can be confusing; our site is not. Health Marathi is leading Marathi language site for health related information, that talking about online Health tips, Diseases & conditions information, Diagnosis, Health Smart Tips, Treatments information, Social health, Family Health, Men’s health, Women’s health, Pregnancy care and tips, Children’s health, Yoga tips, Ayurveda tips and so more health information.