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Welcome to our website ‘About‘ page and here you will get one step closer to ‘us‘! You will be getting to know more details about our website, our visions and our missions.

HealthMarathi.com was founded by Dr. Satish Vitthal Upalkar. HealthMarathi.com launched as a website in 2013-14 and has grown steadily since its inception. Our website was originally designed with the social goal of educating people’s about health and providing physicians and professionals with the tools to use technology and the Internet to improve health care.

At Healthmarathi.com, we view wellness through a humanized and personal lens that focuses on the physical, emotional, intellectual and professional life. Healthmarathi.com is bridges the gap between lifestyle and medical websites by providing trusted health information and resources as well as health articles, tips and tools from health experts.

In our website contains, information about Diseases & conditions, Diet & nutrition, Pregnancy care, Parenting, Health tips, Diagnosis, Fitness workout etc. information in Marathi language. Our content is written by healthcare professionals, registered dietitians, certified personal trainers, and other qualified experts, ensuring accuracy and trustworthiness. All of our content is edited and authenticated by doctors and healthcare professionals.

We know that today people are the point of service, which is why we design our content experiences for our valuable users.

We hope you connect into all of HealthMarathi.com’s resources from our health contents, our books, smartphone apps and social media communities.

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